Supermarket panda baby

Welcome to the lovely shops in the town and the lovely pandas blunt shopping and buy their favorite items yet!

Puchi Puchi Pop: Puzzle Game

Supermarket -panda -baby-1
Kiki, our little panda, she and a few friends are waiting for help baby’s uncle! Visit the store to buy food for them and select multiple items and cooking with them yet!

In our supermarkets have all the items that bear looking,. Bread, pastries, fruit, vegetables, snacks, dairy products, children’s toys, clothes, drinks, and even pets!

animals today we will have to do the food shopping! Play with friends and family and help your child’s favorite characters grocery shopping your hide! let your child play for us aware of many things more


New words, new concepts, new ideas! There are many activities await baby! Join the fun and enjoy the game
This children’s education! AGE OF WAR 3

Supermarket -panda -baby-2

– Learn new words!
– Use a shopping list to discover it this fantasy world!
– Play and have fun with the different animals and colorful landscapes! Please unlock them out!
– Helping Mom and Dad go grocery shopping offline offline!

Design Concepts:AGE OF WAR 4

We focus on inspiring learning;
We focus on building skills;
We focus on bringing exciting content for young audiences of us!
Take the baby bus makes a unique learning experience!

Introduction of the following:

BabyBus is the first brand in the field of children’s educational software. Design and development of mobile applications dedicated to preschool age children, based on age into two groups, from 1 to 3 years age group and the group Beginner Shen Dong won for children from 3 years old to 6 years old.


Puchi Puchi Pop: Puzzle Game

Along enjoy exciting moments with this game Popping Puchi to enjoy the moment a lot of fun pounding fun

Sugar Smash

Puchi -Puchi- Pop- Puzzle -Game-1
participate in Pet happy family and loads of fun in Tropica Island!
How to play: Tap to turn the connection Happy Pets and get the highest score! The bigger the chain, more bonus you get! Tap as fast as you can! beautiful graphics gives you the feeling like the world is.

Main fuction :
– Level your character and enable Fever mode to get higher scores!
– Unlock Puchi special and perfect their skills!
– Compare scores with your friends in the weekly leaderboard! The winner received the most awards! AGE OF WAR 2
– Offline! No internet connection required for basic gaming!

Puchi -Puchi- Pop- Puzzle -Game-2

Note: This game is free to play, but you can choose to purchase in-game items. If you do not wish to do so, please disable in-app purchase feature in your phone settings! You can also choose to earn gems by watching videos or playing games to earn our income.

Sugar Smash

Sugar- Smash-1

This game is a fascinating game with many attractive features and great

Spider super man Run
Sugar confectionery and exchange played down the rainbow to master the game fun and challenging match-3 adventure game inspired by the BOOK OF LIFE with attractive graphical plot make the game great fun with!

Travel through dozens of utopian world and conquer challenges Hundreds of thousands of puzzles and fun experience! Compete and play with your friends! Download this app today is completely free for you!

Sugar -Smash-2

★ Hundreds of exciting levels with themes for animated film

★ Featuring the voices of Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Christina Applegate, Diego Luna, Ron Perlman, and Ice Cube! AGE OF WAR

★ Sugary sweet churro challenges and fun power-ups!

★ Connect to Facebook to send lives and gifts!

★ FREE to play!

★ Check back weekly for new levels, challenges, obstacles and more!

Spider super man Run

Run samples Spider Man is a great action game action enhanced by a strong of him. The super-spiders go to a journey to rescue peop they are always the hero. He had to overcome a lot of dangers and you can help him to complete the task on the road dangerous bad guys always lurking.


Spider -super- man- Run-1
* How to play the super-man Spider Run please use the following controls to your implementation will increasingly play easier and more enjoyable:
+ Press the arrow buttons on your keyboard to jump wool
+ Double click to roll
+ Pull back to surfing
+ Pull forward to swing.

Spider -super- man- Run-2
* Features of the super-man Spider Run: ageofwaraz.
+ Beautiful graphics and good sound
+ Easy controls to control your character
+ Addictive game play.
Let your friends enjoy the moment more dramatic vexing circumstances but it will work to bring better stress relaxation sense.


Enjoy real fishing game in the office space, at home or even on a ship!

Big Bang 2048

For those who have great hobby fishing, “LINE MASS FISHING” is your choice !!
Need to prepare all the tools to fish …?
Even you have all the equipment, are not you busy working …?
It’s important that you can have fun with your friends and enjoy the right of relaxation?

Do not worry! “LINE MASS FISHING” will satisfy you!

★ The Real Battle with a BIG Fish !!
· Let’s drop wind reels and reels. Like real fish!
· Start from a small fish, and then challenge the king size fish!
Let’s play to have more options. age of war 3


★ Who is the winner? You or a fish? Please join to grapple with bizarre fish
· Knock the fish out with the special technique!
· Clearing various quests will make the game more exciting!

★ Enjoy competitive and Battling!
· Different levels of the contest will be held, and you can fight with fishers 4 times a day!
· Compete with your friends to the size of the fish! Try to catch a big one !!

★ How makes you more interesting. You can catch all kinds of fish!
· Individuals will have more than 200 types of updates in the future!
· New rods and fishing sites, with beautiful nature, will be added!
This is the repository for a lot of fish to the hobby like fishing nguwofi like in the real world it helps you experience many things click here to play always does AGE OF WAR 2

Big Bang 2048

HOW TO PLAY BIG BANG 2048* Bomber Blastic

Big -Bang- 2048-1.png

Swipe up, down, left or right to move all the animals in one direction. If two of the same animals collide, they will merge and evolve into a better animal. Big Bang 2048 is as easy as 1024 & 2048,but we are much more cute and fun,Keep combining and evolving to get high scores.You will have an wonderful experience of the animal evolution in Big Bang 2048.


– Easily understandable gameplay as 1024 & 2048
– Cute and colorful art
– Several unique themes, with more on the way
– WARNING! Could take over your life!
– Doomsday theme! Can you save human? Come on!


Big -Bang- 2048-2

“***** Once I picked it up Big Bang 2048,I couldn’t stop playing for hours” – Rebecca
“My kids can’t get enough, Big Bang 2048 keeps them entertained for the whole afternoon!” – Robert


Cheetah Mobile is the exclusive agent of Big Bang 2048 and Don’t Tap The White Tile which has been the world’s most popular game. We recommend best games for cheetah’s 800 million users

Bomber Blastic

Bomber Blastic is a challenging, timing-based, mouse-clicking arcade game requiring good strategy and luck where you must cause a chain reaction of explosions that eliminates a specific number of bomberman-style characters in each level. Armed with just one click / bomb of your own, you must carefully time your strike so that it causes maximum damage in each scenario.


This difficult, old-school action game for kids and teens requires good observation and concentration skills, tactful timing and mouse-control, and above all – great patience! While the temptation might be to start off the explosions as soon as possible, good strategy dictates that you wait patiently for the optimal moment to light your fuse! Don’t hang around too long though – the clock is ticking! Can you time your explosions to perfection?

How to Play: In each of the 50 progressively-difficult levels, you must remove a set number of walking bomberman characters from the game grid (indicated in the top left corner of the play area) as well as achieve a set Star icon score, and a set Coin icon score (displayed at the top of the game screen). To do this, you must set off a chain reaction of mini-explosions that takes out as many of the scurrying characters as possible.


In the earlier levels, Left Click (using your computer mouse or touchpad) on any of the little bomb characters to eliminate it from the game screen. An exploding bomb emits a number of little fireballs or waves, and if these fireballs or waves come into contact with further bomb characters, you can (hopefully) create a chain reaction of eliminations! There is a ticking clock in the top right corner. However, you should have more than enough time to complete each level comfortably.

In later levels, there are various additional stipulations which you have to adhere to in order to complete the level (as well as reaching the set number in the top left corner). For example, you may have to make sure that a certain type of bomb is definitely eliminated, or avoid eliminating a Pink Bomb. Make sure to carefully read the message that appears at the beginning of each level to know exactly what you need to do to progress. Can you eventually defeat the 5 Bomb Bosses?