3 Pandas


Play a fun, interactive point-and-click adventure puzzle game about three little pandas who have been captured and taken aboard a pirate ship. 3 Pandas is a challenging and stimulating escape game for kids & teens where you have to guide a resourceful trio of panda buddies through a series of intricate levels in their quest for freedom. You play the role of ‘problem buster and game changer’, and have to carefully and methodically interact with the game environment in order to create a solution that allows the 3 pandas to escape each level. Our bear heroes have been cruelly imprisoned up by some villainous pirates, and you must use your considerable brain power to help them escape the ship and sail to safety. Using a clever combination of teamwork between the three little guys, and harnessing the individual attributes of each, you have to flip switches, jump to higher ledges, create pathways, remove obstacles, and generally engineer a logical solution in each increasingly challenging level.


This entertaining brain teaser activity should be a good fit for both younger and experienced players, especially gamers who enjoy problem solving puzzles with a wacky twist! Creative engineering skills, good strategy, fast reflexes, great patience, and plenty of trial and error are all important attributes and aspects that need to be exhibited in order for you to progress far. Good luck with the Great Escape!

How to Play: A mini tutorial / clue guides you about the goal in each level. In each progressively difficult level, your goal is to successfully guide all three pandas to an ‘Exit Point’ – usually located at the opposite side of the game screen to where the pandas begin. The exit point is indicated by a White Arrow, and once all three pandas are in the general vicinity of the Arrow, you progress to the next level. However, this exit point is almost always located on a difficult-to-reach ledge, or is guarded by a bad guy, or obstructed by an object, etc.


Control the pandas using your computer mouse or touchpad. When all 3 are grouped together, click anywhere horizontally away from them in order to get them to move toward that point (a set of paws are your indicators). If you want these bears to jump, click in the air above the group (a dotted arrow appears in this instance). In certain levels, you have to utilize the individual attributes of each panda. For example, the smallest panda can be tossed into the air, the middle-sized panda can hang down from ledges, and the largest panda can act as the base of a ‘panda tower’. Click on any panda individually, and then click on the white icon that appears above its head in order to activate an individual ‘move’ (if this white icon doesn’t appear, then that particular move is not available in this instance).


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