Aztec Adventure


Play a fun, teamwork-based platform puzzle adventure game as you enter the brain-teasing catacombs of an Aztec temple! Aztec Adventure is a challenging, escape-based puzzle game where you must guide a father and daughter duo of explorers through a series of tricky ledge and task-filled levels. Creep around the awe-inspiring underground vaults of a Mesoamerican pyramid, and use teamwork to collect artifacts, flip switches, open doors, and more. Although it is possible to play this game on your own, you have a much better chance of success if you play with a friend or family member to make it a cool 2 player effort. Ok Explorers, let’s get treasure hunting!

Reasons to play this quirky, teamwork-based adventure game: If you enjoy difficult platform challenges in confined play areas with classic jumping tasks and brain-teaser elements (as in Mario or Sonic), this could be a good game for you! Combine the tricky game play with the fun 2 player elements, and you’ve got yourself an action-packed, teamwork activity!

Best Strategy to win: Solid Teamwork is definitely the key to success here! Use the various different attributes of both characters to gain access to higher ledges, lower drawbridges, push objects out of the way, open exit doors, and more. Good keyboard control, flexible finger dexterity, and sharp hand-eye coordination are all important attributes.


How to Play: A Flash-based, platform adventure and puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). When the game loads, click on the blue ‘Play’ button at the bottom of the game screen, and then click on the black and white arrow button on the Main Menu screen. In each of the 20 progressively-difficult levels, your goal is to ‘escape’ through the main grey ‘Exit Door’. This door is usually in a high, hard-to-reach area, and has an image of an Aztec mask on it.

Control the male / father character ‘Indiana’ using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard, and the female / daughter character ‘Anna’ using the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard. In order to escape the level, you must get both Indiana and Anna to the Exit Door having collected all of the ‘Golden Artifacts’ that are placed around each level. The Exit Door only opens when all Artifacts have been collected (You can see how many are left to be collected in the bottom right corner of the play area). In some levels, you must also unlock the door by ‘charging up’ a special stone artifact. Charge up the stone with Indiana by pressing the L Key, and with Anna by pressing the G Key.


In all levels, you must also perform special tasks such as flipping switches, eliminating enemies, lowering special ledges, and more. Indiana can pick up and throw certain items (Press Spacebar), while Anna can throw grenades that eliminate enemies (Press the F Key). Each character has 3 lives, indicated by the heart icons at the bottom of the game screen. If either character loses all 3 lives, you must Re-play the level. If you get stuck at any stage, click on the circular white arrow button at the bottom of the play area to Re-start the level. Enjoy the adventure and teamwork!


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