Base Bros

Base-Bros-1Base Bros. is a crazy, action-packed, teamwork-based, 2 player game that combines aiming and accuracy-based shooting, tower defense, robotic invaders and platform action! You and a best buddy play the roles of the ‘Base Bros’, a brave brotherly duo of pixel-style mini warriors who must defend their base at the bottom of the game screen by eliminating the invading aircraft and robotic enemy soldiers that approach in waves. Utilizing large cannon / turret-style anti-aircraft guns as well as individual hand-held weapons, you must combine your resources and skills to team up and defeat the enemy!

Reasons to play this fun shooting-based arcade game: This game traverses a range of classic genres – meaning it should appeal to fans of classic aiming and accuracy games, space invaders-style challenges, tower defense games, and combat-based platformers. Although it is technically possible to play by yourself, it’s much more enjoyable (and a LOT less difficult) if you play alongside a friend or family member. Here, Good Teamwork Rules!


Strategy to win: Your concentration levels must be at max as you contend with wave after wave of enemy aircraft and warriors. Good keyboard control is also vital as you try to stop the invading enemy forces in their tracks. Combining your firepower is essential – You won’t get far without working selflessly as a team! Communication is key – Let each other know when and where you see the next threat!

How to Play: A Flash-based, 2 player shooting game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Technically one player can play and try to control both players, but it’s intended as a fun, two-player game.

When the game loads, press Spacebar on your computer keyboard to access the Main Menu screen. Although 2 game modes are displayed, ‘Survival’ mode is not available on this version – you must choose ‘Campaign’ mode. In Campaign mode, there are 6 increasingly difficult levels where you must use teamwork to shoot down the enemy aircraft that hover above your base, and eliminate enemy warriors that attempt to destroy your base / ammo on foot.


Control the ‘Blue Base Bro’ with the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard and the ‘Red Base Bro’ with the Arrow Keys. Press the S Key to shoot Blue’s handgun, and the Down Arrow to shoot Red’s handgun. Take control of a turret gun by leaping to the ‘turret gun control area’ and pressing S / Down Arrow depending on the character. Once in control of a turret gun, press A and D / Left and Right Arrow to aim, and W / Up Arrow to fire (You can see how many missiles you have left in the bottom corners of the play area).

After completing a tutorial level, you enter the main Level 1. In each level, you must survive wave after wave of enemy aircraft and foot soldiers in order to progress. Enjoy the wacky action!


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