Ready for a deep-sea submarine adventure? Bloomo is a challenging, underwater physics-based game where you control a submarine and plunder the depths of the ocean looking for rare plant-life. Captain Bloomo has discovered an interesting new type of water-plant in the underwater caves off the island of Phi-Sai. Your goal is to control his submarine and try to find these plants.

There is a cool scientific aspect to this game as you have to move obstacles and create pathways using an active understanding of physics and gravity. The underwater caves are littered with garbage and other obstacles. You must use the submarine’s harpoon gun to move these obstacles. Some of them have to be dragged away so that you can enter passageways. Others have to be stacked so you can reach other caves and progress through the levels.


Be careful not to hit the submarine off the walls of the cave, as that damages its health bar. When the health bar goes all the way down, it’s game over. As well as helping to exercise your knowledge of gravity and trajectory, this adventure game should also help to put your creative engineering skills into action. You’ll need quick fingers to succeed, as you have to control both the submarine’s movements and the harpoon gun. Think you’ve got what it takes to be a good submarine pilot? Show us your stuff Admiral!

How to Play: Control the submarine using both your computer mouse and your computer keyboard Arrow Keys. Alternatively, you can use the WASD keys: W (up); A (left); S (down); D (right). For the harpoon gun, aim with the cursor of your computer mouse and left click to fire. If you fire at a movable object, like a crate or some garbage, it gets attached to your harpoon. You can then drag it away or move it somewhere else. To release the object from the harpoon, left click again.


In some levels, you have to clear debris (objects) in order to continue. In other levels, you must stack the debris on scales to open a door. Remember to try to collect as much of the rare plant life that you see attached to the cave walls. But don’t get too close to the walls because if you crash off them, you damage the submarine. Also, beware of mines that explode if you get too close to them. If you keep damaging the submarine until the health bar disappears, you lose a life. Keep an eye on your health bar in the top left corner of the game screen. Happy deep sea diving!

Tip: Take your time when dragging the objects around. There is no time limit and this gives you time to explore all of the caves.


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