Chaos Faction 2


Chaos Faction 2 is a unique beat-em-up action game for kids, teens and grownups, where you use lightning-fast jumping, attacking, fighting (kicking & punching) and shooting skills to destroy a wide range of wacky characters in an endless amount of weird and wonderful ways! It has a massive range of characters, arenas, weapons and power ups! This is another version of the legendary Chaos Faction game – probably one of the most addicting shooting and fighting with weapons games on the internet! Get ready for some mind-boggling explosive action.

OK, your mission is to wipe out your opponent(s) – any way you can! You have 29 different weapons and 18 different characters to choose from – so you have no excuse for failure! This latest version boasts some excellent new features, including: an enhanced level editor, offline multiplayer, better hand-to-hand combat and a new Deathmatch Mode – Plunger Match. Like the original, there are three Game Modes to choose from: Campaign Mode (where you need to fight your way through the arena and then face-up to a boss at the end of every level. If you destroy him – you can unlock new weapons, levels, and characters), Deathmatch Mode (where you can create your own rules, settings and play against your friends) and Survival Mode (where you play alone, trying to defeat as many enemies as you can and then submit your score at the global score boards).


How To Play: The controls can vary depending on which game mode you are on – especially for advanced techniques. These can be easily viewed by checking the in- game HELP screens. The standard control scheme for the solo player is as follows: Use the arrow keys on your computer keyboard for movement: (DOWN) arrow for defense, (Z) and (X) keys to attack with your fists and feet (or whatever weapon you have). During Deathmatch games, where things get very hectic, you can see a white “P1” icon over your character – this will help you distinguish yourself from the other fighters. To navigate your way through the set-up screens, click on the red arrow icons at the top of the game screen. You can see your green health bar, your remaining lives and the amount of eliminations you have made at the bottom of the game screen.


Before you start – check out these nifty advanced techniques! They look super-stylish and might prevent you from getting toasted! Here we go: Once you’re in the air, try these: (Boost) – Tap the (UP) arrow on your computer keyboard to boost yourself up into the air, (Stomp) – Tap the (DOWN) arrow to stomp on your opponents, (Uppercut punch) – Tap the (Z) key to punch upwards and (Back-flip) – Tap the (X) key to do a stunning aerial back flip kick. NOTE: Most of the game controls (including movement) can be changed in the Settings Menu. There’s a fantastic array of wacky items and weapons that will allow you to take-out the opposition; everything from boxing gloves and blowpipes, to black holes and teleporter rays. In order to pick up a weapon, just run into it. Weapons are displayed in brown crates. Grab as many power ups as you can to stay in top form! Here are some: (Red Cross) – restores 50 percent of your health, (UP arrow) – increases jump height, (Heart) – gives you extra life, (Yellow cross) – restores full health and (Star) – makes you indestructible! For the Deathmatch game, you can change the amount of weapons crates and power ups that appear per minute by going into the Settings Menu – and then the Weapons Customize section. OK, time for some outrageous aerial antics and intensely weird shoot-outs! Get ready! Choose your character – move like a ninja, shoot like a sniper, get the job done and have a blast!


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