Chicken Duck Miner


Chicken Duck Miner is a platform-based, puzzle adventure game where you must utilize the individual attributes of a cute little cartoon chicken and duck partnership in order to successfully collect three precious gems in each level. You play the role of the feathered duo’s strategic coordinator, and have to maneuver each member of the team individually into position before mining the gems and returning them to a storage cart. Your crafty chicken can fly & glide, your daredevil duck can swim in water, and you have to figure out how best to employ their individual skills to your advantage!


This fun, interactive and highly-challenging, problem solving brainteaser game is all about good teamwork and management (The ability to combine the individual attributes of the two characters into one smooth strategic operation). As well as requiring good observation and analytical skills, and 100% concentration and commitment, this activity needs you to be sharp in your keyboard tapping ability (Each level is filled with dangers to hastily avoid such as pesky hopping frogs, steep drops, and deep water). The Big Question is: Can you transform this egg-cellent duo into a top ‘quack’ team of gem miners?

How to Play: In each of the 9 progressively difficult levels, your objective is to extract 3 precious gems from the ground, and carry them back to the gem cart. Each gem is hidden underneath a grey rock located somewhere within the play area. You have two skilled miners at your beck and call. Your Duck has a long beak, and a cute, quaffed hairstyle, while your chicken is recognizable due to his angry set of eyebrows!


Move your Duck using the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard, and your Chicken using the Arrow Keys. When one of your team is standing next to a grey gem-holding rock, press the S Key or the Down Arrow (depending on the character) to wield a mining weapon that breaks open the rock to reveal a gem. Your Duck / Chicken automatically picks up the gem when it is within range, and deposits the gem once alongside the cart. When all three gems are deposited into the cart, you progress to the next level.

There are also three Gold Stars situated around each level. Collect all three additionally to the gems to score maximum points. Remember, beware of dangers and lost lives! If your Chicken falls into water, you lose a life. Likewise, if either character comes into side-on contact with a frog, you lose a life (You have 3 lives in total as indicated in the top left corner of the play zone). If you lose all three lives, the level is failed. Good luck & Enjoy the fun arcade action!


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