Final Fantasy Sonic X 6


Final Fantasy Sonic X 6 is a raster graphics, mouse-clicking, RPG fighting game that takes the characters and settings from Sonic the Hedgehog, and mixes them with the furious battle style of the Final Fantasy game series. Play as Sonic – the legendary super-speedy hedgehog, and take on the might of a whole host of bad guys that include Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, and others. Perform wacky special moves and dangerous spin-attacks in a series of challenging one-on-one battles where you have to defeat your enemy to progress.

This arcade-style classic mash-up game should be a good fit for fans of the iconic 90’s titles Sonic and Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Sonic 6 takes the best elements of both game worlds to form a super-charged, all-action battle Royale! Use shrewd combat tactics and special moves to increase your chances of victory, and unlock awesome special attacks as you progress. Have you got the strategic skills and battle-hardened brain to outwit your opponents, and score a supreme victory for Good against the Bad? Go Sonic!finalfantasy-sonicx6-2


How to Play: In each level, you have to take on a computer-controlled opponent in a Final Fantasy-style arcade battle. You play the role of Sonic, and have to defeat 10 different opponents before you are crowned Battle Champ. Each one-on-one battle is turn-based, which means you get the chance to attack, then your opponent attacks. Your goal is to empty your opponents’ Health Bar in the bottom right corner of the game screen. When it is your turn, use your computer mouse to Left Click on any one of the 4 options in the top left corner – Attack, Mana, Special, or Item.

Choose your attack or action from these drop-down menus (The actions available to you are highlighted in white writing). Once you click on an option, Sonic automatically makes an attack on his opponent – and reduces its Health Bar. Your opponent then takes its turn. You don’t always have to choose to attack during your turn – you can instead select Items such as Potions to revive your health. Keep an eye on your own Health Bar in the top left corner of the game screen. The battle ends when one character is eliminated (when its Health Bar reduces to zero).

Tip: Special Moves require “Mana” – a type of magical force-field. You only have a set amount of Mana, indicated by the purple Mana Bar above your Health Bar. Conserve your Mana-fuelled special moves for critical times during each battle.


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