Final Ninja



Think you’ve got the skills to become the Greatest Ninja of All Time? Final Ninja is an addicting online platformer game where you control Takeshi the Ninja in his quest to defeat his arch-enemy Akuma. This slick adventure game gives you hours of fast-paced platformer action with cool graphics and stunning acrobatics. Perform super-slick ninja stunts as you swing through each level on your Ninja rope. You must find your way through each level by any means necessary – flying, jumping, running, bouncing and swinging.

This acrobatic arcade game will really test your dexterity and reflexes as you maneuver the little ninja over obstacles and around enemies. Accuracy is also essential as you must fire Ninja stars at your enemies to eliminate them. You also need to have a strategic brain to plot your route through each level. Have you got what it takes to become a true elite Warrior? There’s only one way to find out! Let’s go!



How to Play: Control Takeshi using both your computer mouse and your computer keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move left and right and the up arrow to jump. Alternatively, you can use W (jump); A (left); D (right) to change direction. To fire a Ninja Star, move your computer mouse to aim and left click to fire.

To use your Ninja Rope, aim with your mouse and hold down the left click. The ninja rope will attach itself to the obstacle you aimed at. Once the rope is attached you can swing from it using the left and right arrow keys. Simply release the left click to let go of the rope. To perform a wall-jump, when Takeshi jumps against a wall, you see him grab it. Press the opposite arrow key to perform a special jump in the opposite direction. You only have three lives, so be careful. You can see your life bar in the bottom left of the game screen. Let’s see what you’ve got Ninja Master!


Tip: Press the down arrow or S key to activate Stealth Mode. Here, you can hide from enemies or avoid sharp objects. You must be standing still to activate it, but once you are invisible you can move around for a short period before returning to normal.


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