Fortz is an epic and highly-challenging, interactive 2-player battle game that combines strategy, tower defense, accuracy-based shooting, platform action, and more. Play against a best friend or family member in a high-octane tactical battle where your goal is to defend your base and eliminate your opponent with accurate shooting and shrewd tactical play and defensive fort building.

Reasons to play this entertaining, platform-based action game: Bring your competitive side to the forefront as you test your organizational and tactical skills under pressure. With so many genres represented here – fans of online shooting games, action games, tower defense games and battle strategy should all find something to their liking!



Strategy to win: Use a combination of weaponry (cannons, air strikes and bombs) to destroy your opponent! Smart, ‘thinking on your feet’ reaction skills are very important in Fortz as you strive to defend your fort and attack your opponent simultaneously. Multi-tasking skills are also vital – you might need to re-build fort blocks while at the same time collect ammo for future use. Your focus and concentration must also be near peak levels to withstand the barrage from your opponent and some pesky 3rd-party enemies!

How to Play: A Flash-based, 2 player shooting, combat game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Your goal in each battle is simply to eliminate your opponent by reducing his/her health bar to zero with accurate missile shots and other attack tactics. Player 1 controls the small robotic character that begins on the left hand side of the play area with the WASD Keys, while Player 2 controls the right hand robot with the Arrow Keys.


In general play, press the S Key or Down Arrow to build a block directly above your robot’s head. Blocks like this can be used as defensive barriers and/or ledges to reach higher areas. There are also turret guns at each player’s fort. Once in control of a turret gun, press W and S / Up and Down Arrows to aim, and D / Left Arrow to fire. You can see how many missiles you have left in the bottom corners of the play area. Enjoy the competitive action!


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