The Towerman

Base Brosthe-jonias-1

Protect your base. Do everything in your power from top of your tower to ensure that the enemy does not successfully scale the wall! That’s the job and mantra of The Towerman!

The Towerman is a straightforward, tower defense-style survival game where you must launch rocks off of the top of your castle tower, and skillfully dislodge the determined enemy warriors constantly climbing toward the top. With 1 or 2-player options, you can choose to take a solo stand against the invaders or enlist the help of a trusted comrade (a good friend, classmate or family member).


Reasons to play this aiming and accuracy-based skill game: While many tower defense games require deep thought and constantly changing strategy, this game features a refreshingly-simple concept: ‘Survive by throwing rocks and hitting the enemy.’ Test your concentration levels and reflexes as you engage in a fierce battle with the hordes of enemy climbers.

Strategy to win: Survival is dependent on your reaction skills, keyboard control, observation skills, focus, accuracy and determination. You must be constantly on the move; there is no time to rest as you repeatedly launch rocks to keep the invading force at bay. Good teamwork – If playing with a defensive partner, communicate with each other to identify key threats and areas that need urgent attention.


How to Play: A Flash-based, tower defense and skill-based game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). Survive for as long as possible by hurling rocks down from your tower, and dislodging the climbing enemy warriors. When the game loads, click on the green ‘Play’ button in the center of the game screen to access the Main Menu screen. Here, choose 1 Player or 2 Player Mode.

In single player mode, control your Towerman’s movement with the A and D Keys on your computer keyboard. Press S to pick up a rock, and then press S again to throw it off of the tower toward the enemy climbers. In two player mode, one defender uses the ASD Keys while the other uses the Arrow Keys on the same computer. If a red enemy warrior comes into contact with one of your defenders at the top of the tower, it’s game over. Try to survive for as long as possible!


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