Bomber Blastic

Bomber Blastic is a challenging, timing-based, mouse-clicking arcade game requiring good strategy and luck where you must cause a chain reaction of explosions that eliminates a specific number of bomberman-style characters in each level. Armed with just one click / bomb of your own, you must carefully time your strike so that it causes maximum damage in each scenario.


This difficult, old-school action game for kids and teens requires good observation and concentration skills, tactful timing and mouse-control, and above all – great patience! While the temptation might be to start off the explosions as soon as possible, good strategy dictates that you wait patiently for the optimal moment to light your fuse! Don’t hang around too long though – the clock is ticking! Can you time your explosions to perfection?

How to Play: In each of the 50 progressively-difficult levels, you must remove a set number of walking bomberman characters from the game grid (indicated in the top left corner of the play area) as well as achieve a set Star icon score, and a set Coin icon score (displayed at the top of the game screen). To do this, you must set off a chain reaction of mini-explosions that takes out as many of the scurrying characters as possible.


In the earlier levels, Left Click (using your computer mouse or touchpad) on any of the little bomb characters to eliminate it from the game screen. An exploding bomb emits a number of little fireballs or waves, and if these fireballs or waves come into contact with further bomb characters, you can (hopefully) create a chain reaction of eliminations! There is a ticking clock in the top right corner. However, you should have more than enough time to complete each level comfortably.

In later levels, there are various additional stipulations which you have to adhere to in order to complete the level (as well as reaching the set number in the top left corner). For example, you may have to make sure that a certain type of bomb is definitely eliminated, or avoid eliminating a Pink Bomb. Make sure to carefully read the message that appears at the beginning of each level to know exactly what you need to do to progress. Can you eventually defeat the 5 Bomb Bosses?

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