Enjoy real fishing game in the office space, at home or even on a ship!

Big Bang 2048

For those who have great hobby fishing, “LINE MASS FISHING” is your choice !!
Need to prepare all the tools to fish …?
Even you have all the equipment, are not you busy working …?
It’s important that you can have fun with your friends and enjoy the right of relaxation?

Do not worry! “LINE MASS FISHING” will satisfy you!

★ The Real Battle with a BIG Fish !!
· Let’s drop wind reels and reels. Like real fish!
· Start from a small fish, and then challenge the king size fish!
Let’s play to have more options. age of war 3


★ Who is the winner? You or a fish? Please join to grapple with bizarre fish
· Knock the fish out with the special technique!
· Clearing various quests will make the game more exciting!

★ Enjoy competitive and Battling!
· Different levels of the contest will be held, and you can fight with fishers 4 times a day!
· Compete with your friends to the size of the fish! Try to catch a big one !!

★ How makes you more interesting. You can catch all kinds of fish!
· Individuals will have more than 200 types of updates in the future!
· New rods and fishing sites, with beautiful nature, will be added!
This is the repository for a lot of fish to the hobby like fishing nguwofi like in the real world it helps you experience many things click here to play always does AGE OF WAR 2


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