Supermarket panda baby

Welcome to the lovely shops in the town and the lovely pandas blunt shopping and buy their favorite items yet!

Puchi Puchi Pop: Puzzle Game

Supermarket -panda -baby-1
Kiki, our little panda, she and a few friends are waiting for help baby’s uncle! Visit the store to buy food for them and select multiple items and cooking with them yet!

In our supermarkets have all the items that bear looking,. Bread, pastries, fruit, vegetables, snacks, dairy products, children’s toys, clothes, drinks, and even pets!

animals today we will have to do the food shopping! Play with friends and family and help your child’s favorite characters grocery shopping your hide! let your child play for us aware of many things more


New words, new concepts, new ideas! There are many activities await baby! Join the fun and enjoy the game
This children’s education! AGE OF WAR 3

Supermarket -panda -baby-2

– Learn new words!
– Use a shopping list to discover it this fantasy world!
– Play and have fun with the different animals and colorful landscapes! Please unlock them out!
– Helping Mom and Dad go grocery shopping offline offline!

Design Concepts:AGE OF WAR 4

We focus on inspiring learning;
We focus on building skills;
We focus on bringing exciting content for young audiences of us!
Take the baby bus makes a unique learning experience!

Introduction of the following:

BabyBus is the first brand in the field of children’s educational software. Design and development of mobile applications dedicated to preschool age children, based on age into two groups, from 1 to 3 years age group and the group Beginner Shen Dong won for children from 3 years old to 6 years old.


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