Hotel Story: Resort Simulation

Everyone bring me a dream and you dream as a construction engineer, and this is the game where you build cities so that it is more beautiful and rich life. Spend relaxing moments to experience it Kids Dinosaur Game Free

Hotel- Story- Resort- Simulation-1
Construction & Design resort rich your dreams! Upgrade and invest your facilities to attract special guests and tourists! Be the best hoteliers and their guests serving the most thoughtful! AGE OF WAR 3
✔ Free to play and free to download machine
✔ Creativity is your limit! Build your dream hotel from scratch
✔ 300+ equipment and designs, 20+ guests to unlock!
✔ Multiplayer! To all other hotels and collect tips

Hotel- Story- Resort- Simulation-2
✔ Play offline. Manage your resort without wasting data
✔ Optimized for the Galaxy S4, Note 3, the large-screen devices

* Players  AGE OF WAR 6can pay real money for in-game currency, which can be disabled in Settings.


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