Prison Life RPG

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Super -Awesome -RPG-1
“With so many features and its replay value, it’s hard to put down the game when you start playing.” – modernjamming
“This game does not have any kind of IAP and the replay value is tremendous.” – idownloadblog AGE OF WAR 6
“Big game with a lot of content, solid RPG with survival as the timetable” – indie-love
“Prison life is surprisingly deep RPG.” – Pocket Gamer
“There’s so much going on in this game, but only paid $ 3.99 to feel like a criminal.” IOS App of the Week – iPhoneFAQ
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Dear prisoners, this is Warden speaking. Welcome to the Prison, where you are SENTENCED to play! Can you survive the harsh prison life? Can you escape before your execution?

Super- Awesome -RPG-2

Prison Life RPG is a premium game with no ads or in-app purchases. Hurray!

Prison Life RPG is a Roguelike+Survival+Simulation+Role-Playing game that places you behind bars. To survive the punishment of the penitentiary system, you’ll need to stay healthy and fit, gain allies, eliminate enemies, bribe the guards, bet in illegal boxing matches, and more while pushing for parole or planning an escape.

With more than 100 prisoners to interact with, you’ll never feel bored! You can play as any one of the 100 prisoners!

Watch TV, call your grandma, learn skills, craft items, get bullied, wash toilet, flirt with the pretty Doctor in Sick Bay, bribe the guards or just idle around!

Make friends and join gangs to increase your defense, fighting, and, of course, escape power. Be careful though, prisoners your offended will beat you up or even kill you!


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