Noah’s Bottle

Along with Sakura girls discover the magical world incredibly vibrant youthful fun, adventure along with the wonderful world and explore the worldNewborn Twins Baby Care

Noah's -Bottle-1

 AGE OF WAR 6   A girl named Sakura Shamisen player shows up. She was forced to be separated from their homeland by the disaster. And she was drifting alone on the sea until she met the gods of the bottle. Every time when she plays good music, Genie will be able to collect music energy and use it to take her back home.
There is a beautiful island surrounded by the blue ocean and the different organisms living happily in places fertile. However, because the struggle for power and profit of the people, the land eventually suffer a destructive.

Noah's -Bottle-2

Top Features: AGE OF WAR 5
1. Music notes generated from the music in your device.
2. Gorgeous watercolor illustrations
3. Each Genies of Bottle brings different music patterns and game levels.
4. Self-edit game pattern function helps to create unique game play.
5. A Variety of sound effects and note-speed to choose from.

1. Music file used in the game needs to be wav or mp3 formatted; length needs to be longer than 45 secs.
2. When playing with the music file from your device, if the original file is deleted or changed location, the corresponding score will be deleted as well.


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