BMX Boy  the virtual world game in the game really gives you the incredibly great moments and fun with super hero squad to rescue the world. sharp graphics really long time to bring you the wonderful moments of relaxation than ever

Tapventures      Tank Trouble   Tap tap and press than to fight your enemies, earn gold, increase the power of your computer and click again!

Train heroes to join you. With one click, the hero will become stronger and do more damage than a second!
Tapventures world of a growing universe of creatures, who live their lives on the majestic giant island floating in the sky. Discover what is there and beyond, against enemies, summon heroes and kill the gods!
Fill your chest with gold coins every day! Continue to exploit and make it rain with coins!
Earn rune magic, Learn magic, more skills training, doing crazy combos and win the boss battle.


Happy Wheels   Arguably most polished RPG tapper on google play store! This is your chance to become the fastest clicker.

★ Tap to HIRE 32 unique clicker heroes for your journey
★ Tap to DEFEAT 70 unique destructive monsters
★ Tap to VISIT 12 stunning islands (including caves, olympus and center of the earth)
★ Tap to FIGHT Gods like – Thor and other monsters
★ Dungeons, Leader-boards and Trophy room! Earn achievements and compete in clans.
★ Polished RPG game for Android TV, Phones and Tablets. Do boss raids with friends!
★ Adventures Mode including Age of Invention, and Mystery Lab!

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