Swift Turn 2

Swift Turn 2 is a fun platform puzzle game for children and Big Kids where you have get a yellow smiley face character to the end of each level by collecting all of the stars and avoiding spikes and saws along the way. Each level has it’s own unique challenge. This awesome arcade-style game is diverse and immense fun. You are the happy little square, and you need to get to the end of each level using your quick-thinking intelligence, superb jumping skills, and (for some levels) your bright purple car!


Your mission is to collect all of the golden stars and make your way to the finish line (the chequered purple and white circle). If you touch or land on anything spiky or fall off the game playing area, it’s game over! For every level, you have a new task to complete. The faster you complete it, the higher you score. Every level screen is completely different – in some levels, the screen rotates (you must flip switches to rotate it), other levels take place under water. OK Smiley Square, get ready for a voyage to the stars in this fun rotating adventure world!

How To Play: Follow the in-game indications on different levels for which keys and icons to use and when. Use the following Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move the Smiley character: Up Arrow = Jump; Left Arrow = Move Left; Right Arrow = Move Right. Press Spacebar to shoot him out of cannons (Level 5) and the Shift Key to zoom out and see the whole game level and your position in it.


When the character is driving, use the Up Arrow to go Forward, Down Arrow to Reverse, Left Arrow to balance Left and Right Arrow to balance Right. You can see the Level you are on in the top left corner of the game screen and your score in the top right corner. If you want to go back to the main menu or restart the level, click on the two icons in the bottom right corner. You can see the number of stars you have collected in the bottom left corner.


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