Kids Dinosaur Game Free

This is a simple game for toddlers, we will see very excited about this game meet cute dinosaurs overflowing vitality. You dig dinosaur bones by rubbing the screen on the marker and keep them carefully. While digging, you find dinosaur bones and random items, and once you’ve found all the bones, the dinosaur comes alive and the kids will love it and replayed image the dinosaurs went extinct!Bunny Boo – My Talking Pet

Kids- Dinosaur- Game- Free-1

When you play the game all the dinosaurs and the items you find are collected in two separate galleries to preserve them. AGE OF WAR 5

In the free version offers 3 types of dinosaurs have 9 different color combinations, and 30 random items. Want more dinosaurs? Unlock the full version with a single IAP! This app is completely free to download and makes the kids feel happy and they extended their sight

Kids -Dinosaur -Game- Free-2

Key info
– Recommended age group is kids aged 2-4 year old
– No ads!
– Train hand-eye coordination AGE OF WAR 6
– We use Google Analytics to collect anonymous statistics to help us improve the game.

– Music: Kevin Macleod


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